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VBA Classes Online

vba classes onlineOur Excel VBA Classes have been taught in our New York City classroom for many years. Numerous times we have had requests from participants from other cities to schedule tour dates in their cities.

Now you can attend our online VBA classes remotely without having to travel to New York City. We offer an exclusive comprehensive 48 hour Visual Basic Applications course not offered anywhere else.

We begin with a review of Excel fundamentals like formulas, functions, and what-if analysis tools but most of the class is designed for the business user with no programming experience. VBA is an acronym for Visual Basic Applications. Few people are aware that BASIC is also an acronym for Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instructional Code (which goes back to Microsoft DOS 2.1 operating system). The point is that VBA is for beginners, learning Visual Basic requires no prior programming experience.

Learn More VBA OnlineTo learn more about our VBA classes online you can email us or call 646-637-4354 for faster assistance.



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